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Thank you very much for browsing in our web page, we sincerely want you to enjoy the next minutes while reading and getting useful information before you start planning your next trip to Ecuador. We hope to fulfil your expectations and we would love you to choose our Company as your travel partner in Ecuador and South America. Be sure, we will do our best to guaranty your full satisfaction and safety.

For over 30 Years we’ve had our finger firmly on the pulse of adventure travel, and have worked hard to gain our customers confidence by offering the widest selection of affordable tours, and expeditions across Ecuador and along the Andes.

Depending on your available time, your level of experience and personal goals, we will design for you an ideal and customized itinerary to achieve your goals, please be confident and let us know. it will be a pleasure for me to assist you  with all your travel plans.

Dear Friends,  I sincerely thank you in advance for allow me to be part of your next  trip’s planning. I hope to meet you personally in Quito.  Welcome to Ecuador……..Welcome to Adventure !!!

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Freddy Ramírez

Director & Senior Guide



Amazon Rainforest

Cotopaxi National Park

Imbabura & San Pablo lake

Old City Quito

Galapagos Islands

Pacific Coast

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Ecuador Historical Train


As a customer, you are the most important in our long chain of responsibilities, therefore, you will have nothing else than a personalized and high standard of services and treatment,  based in a respectful and efficient interaction, ……. We know what a guess needs, because we have been one.


The company was founded in 1988, so we are pioneers in several field of Adventure Tourism,  since there, we keep learning every day with our customers, and share all those years of Experience focused on the main goal… your Safety and Satisfaction


Nothing most important in our lives, is to do what we love, and that’s exactly what we do, motivated by and strong identification with our Country,  Nature, People, will a privilege for us to show you not only Ecuador but the rest of the Andes. (Peru-Bolivia- Argentina).



Our Company gathers, all requirements needed to be fully operational, we are proud of our personal and collective achievements, we are honored to work with several Alpine organizations aboard,  particularly in  Europe and North America.


Feel free to contact us for any question you have !


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