Galapagos Aída María Yacht



DESCRIPTION: The sixteen passengers Aida Maria offers a great combination of comfort, style, and economy for tours in the Galapagos Islands. Each of the eight double cabins has a private bath and hot shower, air conditioning, and an ample external deck to enjoy Galapagos sunny days.
Its design is based on efficiency and comfort with ample social areas and 8 cabins 2 on the main deck,2 on the upper deck, and 2 in solarium providing optimum comfort for your experience exploring the Galapagos. She takes 16 guests in double cabins with private facilities, A/C, and hot water and desalinates having unlimited water.         Feel free to get in touch with Sierra Nevada Expeditions! Contact us at


Day 1:  Flight from Quito or Guayaquil to Baltra Island – Santa Cruz Island-  Bachas Beach

Day 2: Visit to South Plaza Island – Santa Fe Island

Day 3: Española Island: Suárez Point – Española Island: Gardner Bay

Day 4: Visit to Floreana Island – Floreana: Cormorant Point & Devil’s Crown

Day 5: Visit to Santa Cruz Island: Charles Darwin Station – Santa Cruz Island: Highlands

Day 6: Visit to Rábida Island – Santiago Island: James Bay

Day 7: Visit  to Bartholomew Island – Santiago Island: Sullivan Bay

Day 8: Visit to North Seymour Island – Transfer to Airport in Baltra

MPORTANT:  Due to Galapagos National Park authorities and Navy regulations, the Itinerary may be subject to be changed, so, before booking your trip we will confirm you if there are any changes.

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