Papallacta Hot Springs



With no doubts, Papallacta hot springs are recognized as the very best Thermals in Ecuador. Its medical water proprieties are very much appreciated by the locals and forefingers, so either for hilliness treatment or just looking for your body relax, Papallacta is an option and became a highlight day tour in Ecuador, Don’t miss it. For further info or bookings feel free and contact us at


Papallacta village and Thermals are located about 80 km. East from Quito, driving along Cumbaya valley and traversing the upper pass called La Virgen at 4000 mt you will find the modern but rustic style complex, Here the conservation project of Papallacta Thermal and SPA is in operation. Its clear and pristine hot water is a gift from Antizana volcano, several clear water streams and waterfalls come from the Páramos (highlands).  dozen bird species and plants are present. Nice day to relax

Driving to Papallacta takes about two hours. Once in the complex, we will do a short hike into the hidden eco- trails, several species of endemic plants such as orchids, bromeliads hummingbirds will be observed. Around noon, we will be back to the thermals to enjoy the swimming pools and streams. In the evening we will be back in Quito.