Galapagos Motor Yacht Eden



DESCRIPTION: This beautiful yacht was built in 1996 and completely renovated in August 2012. The Eden can accommodate 16 passengers and has air conditioning. It’s made in Ecuador and features interiors are nicely decorated. It has 8 Double cabins: 4 with two single beds on the lower deck, 3 with bunk beds on the upper deck, and one with a queen-size bed on the Main Deck. Each cabin is equipped with a private bathroom and hot water shower. The Eden offers its guests a spacious sun deck, 2 common rooms with a well-equipped bar, TV & VCR, stereo, and library. For further info or bookings feel free and contact us at


Sunday: Flight from Quito r Guayaquil to Baltra, transfer to Santa Cruz Island –  visit to Las Bachas beach

Monday: Visit to Genovesa Island – Prince Philip’s Steps – Darwin Bucht

Tuesday: Visit to Bartolome Island / Santiago Island – Sullivan Bucht

Wednesday: Visit to  Daphne Island  /  – Black Turtle Cove – Cerro Dragon

Thursday: Visit to Island Santa Cruz – Charles Darwin Station – Highlands

Friday: Visit to Floreana Island – Post-Office Bucht – Mirador de la Baronesa – Punta Cormorant – Devil’s Crown

Saturday:  Visit to Española Island – Punta Suarez – Gardner Bucht / Osborn Island

Sunday: Vist to San Cristobal Island – Leon Dormido – Interpretation Center –  Lobos Island

IMPORTANT:  Due to  Galapagos National Park authorities and Navy regulations, the Itinerary may be subject to be changed, so, before booking your trip we will confirm you if there are any changes.