Galapagos Yacht San José



DESCRIPTION: 8 double cabins all have private bathrooms. They are 5.80 m long and 2.50 m wide, which they offer their guests plenty of space. Also, they are all outside cabins with wide views. The Engine room is between the dining room and lounge located so that the cabins are all relatively quiet. The San José also offers many open spaces such as 2 sun decks with lounge chairs, tables, and chairs. Here you have to watch a good place for everything and perhaps discover the Galapagos Islands on your own way.       For further info or bookings feel free and contact us at


Tuesday: Flight from Quito or Guayaquil to Baltra Island and transfert to Santa Cruz Island  – Black Turtle Cove

Wednesday: Visit to Island Santiago – Puerto Egas / Island Rabida

Thursday: Visit to Island Bartolome / Island Santiago – Sullivan Bay

Friday: Visit to Island Santa Cruz – Charles Darwin Station – Highlands

Saturday: Visit to Island San Cristobal – Cerro Brujo – Leon Dormido – Interpretation Center –

Sunday: Visit to  Island Española – Gardner Bay – Punta Suarez

Monday: Visit to Island Española – Gardner Bay – Punta Suarez

Tuesday : Visit to Island Floreana – Post Office – Champions – Punta Cormorant

MPORTANT:  Due to  Galapagos National Park authorities and Navy regulations, the Itinerary may be subject to be changed, so, before booking your trip we will confirm you if there are any changes.

Island North Seymour / Baltra