Humboldt Footprints Expediton

North and Central Andes

The area of Cuicocha and Fuya Fuya and its lakes are recognized as one of the most scenic Páramo in the Ecuadorian Northern Highlands, its easy trails, lakes, and peaks are a kind of invitation for people who seek for a moderate adventure, relax, and acclimatization for higher elevations. On the first day, we will visit the Indian Market of Otavalo, perhaps the finest and best known Indian Market in South America. Cuicocha lake and Fuya Fuya peak, excellent to start acclimating and enjoy the superb views of its lakes, neighbor peaks and volcanoes. Afterward, we will visit The Antizana Volcano West of Quito, This is a Protected Natural Reserve, the home place of Condor, masked bear, deer, paramo wolf, and some lakes with the huge torrents old dry lava. Pasochoa Volcano which proposes a gentle hike thought a pristine Andean Forest with extraordinary views of  Cotopaxi and Volcanoes Avenue.

Sincholagua Volcano holds wonderful Paramos, seldom visited by the tourist flows, the Sincholagua offers some of the more enjoyable climbs in Ecuador. its main peak is a truly fun climb with a couple of heart-stopping scrambles. On the sixth day, you will certainly be not only acclimatized but energized and willing to climb Cotopaxi, which is not difficult but requires a reasonable fitness condition and positive minded attitude. Our main concern in this mountain tour is your safety and fun, focusing of course not only in Cotopaxi summit but our culture and nature. For further info or bookings feel free and contact us at


A lot of endemic colorful plants, as well as Andean birds, decorates these majestic and evergreen Páramos. Seeking for your comfort, we have selected the best cozy Lodges in each area, And to complete the maximum of the experience, we will climb COTOPAXI the highest active volcano in the world. Finally, we deserve to enjoy in Papallacta hot spring, considered the very best hot springs in Ecuador.

Day 1.- Arrival in Quito at 2830 mt.

Arrival in Quito, we will pick you up in the airport and Transfer to a Tourist class Hotel in the city

Day 2 – Quito-Otavalo-Cuicocha Lake 3500 mt.

Departs from Quito in north direction towards Otavalo city to visit of the Indian market. After lunch, we will drive to Cuicocha lake and do a hike around its crater. Drive back to our lovely lodge  for diner and overnight (3200 mt)

Day 3 –  Mojanda lake-Fuya Fuya 4240mt-Quito

After breakfast, we will drive to Mojanda Lake and hike to the summit of Fuya Fuya enjoying spectacular views of Cotacachi and Imbabura volcanoes as well as a lot of Paramo flowers which decorates the Panorama. In the afternoon  we drive back to Quito.

Day 4 – Hike in Antizana Volcano-La Mica Lake 4100mt.

Transfer to the area of Antizana volcano  Natural Reserve where we may watch Condors while hiking in the Paramo on a trail sideways of the MICA lake, till we arrive at the top of a lookout point. Here we will have our box lunch. Back to a cozy lodge

Day 5 – Pasochoa Volcano 4260 mt.

Transfer to Pasochoa volcano and hike into a pristine Andean Forest and Paramo till we reach its summit at 4240 mt. and observe the old crater that holds a Polylepis forest. Return towards our wonderful Lodge for diner and overnight

Day 6 – Sicholagua Volcano 4893 mt.

Transfer to Rio Pita and Hike along an immense but scenic Paramo, following some trails and volcanic moraine we will arrive below the top, a nice climbing pitch should be climbed before we reach the summit. Walk down to the same  Lodge

Day 7 – Cotopaxi Park and Hut 4800 mt

Transfer to Cotopaxi National Park and Parking Lot, Ascent to the Hut and rest, Before noon we will hike to the glacier for practice and review of basic glacier technique. Back to the Hut and early Diner.

Day 8 – Cotopaxi Summit Day 5897 mt

After midnight breakfast and taking the normal route, we will climb up hills for about six hours onto the glacier till we reach the summit of Cotopaxi at 5897 mt. and delight ourselves in the views of the crater and neighbor volcanoes. Back to the Hut and after resting and packing we will drive back to Quito to the reserved Hotel.

Day 9- Papallacta Hot Springs 3300 mt.

Today we deserve a nice rest day, so we will drive West towards  Papallacta thermals springs, for relaxing and enjoying its medical and crystal waters. Lunch in an Ecuadorian Restaurant. Back to Quito. Hotel.             For further info or bookings feel free and contact us at