Mountaineering and Climbing Trips in Ecuador

Mountaineering and ice climbing in Ecuador‘s highest active volcanoes 

Once acclimatized to the altitude, you can explore one or more of our active volcanoes and glaciers. The next step is to get outfitted with good equipment. This is part of your safety. If you do not wish to bring your own equipment, don’t worry because you can rent excellent stock of climbing shoes, crampons, harnesses, ice axes, helmets, etc.. All equipment is guaranteed to be of brand-name.

The best months to climb Cotopaxi, Cayambe, Chimborazo, Iliniza,  Antizana   etc. or lower summits, are November through February (the rainy season but with calm winds). May through September is the dry season; the winds are stronger, particularly in July and August.  Nevertheless, we can say that climbing in the Andes is an option all year round.


Sierra Nevada Expeditions, has an excellent group of mountain guides, all of them trained and certified by the Ecuadorian Mountain Guides Association (ASEGUIM). Freddy, the Chief Guide, member of the Mountain Guides Instructors Team is responsible for the organization of your trip. He knows how to advise, assist and guide your expedition. Send us your queries in English, French or German.

All questions are welcome!