DESCRIPTION : The Huayhuash Range of Mountains is considered among one of the more beautiful circuits of trekking in the world, in Huayhuash still it is possible to perceive the real sense of an adventure expedition in the Peruvian Andes. During these days it is possible to observe several of the most reputed mountains and climbed walls in the Andes, in a perfect mixture of the most extraordinary landscapes, tiny Indian villages, condors and countless colorful flowers and lakes.

From Chiquian village, you will see several of the famous walls which are worldwide known because of their difficult ascent , you will find here the Siula Grande west face-6,354 m. famous after the dramatic survival story the British alpinist Joe Simpson wrote in his book “Touching the void”. It is also possible to see the Jirishanca 6,094 m. once climbed by Ricardo Cassin in 1969, Rondoy 5,871 m., once climbed by Walter Bonatti and Yerupaja Grande east face 6,634 m. climbed by Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler in 1969. The Yerupaja Mountain is the second highest Peruvian mountain and one of the most difficult to climb. But for us, is reserved Pumariri and Diablo Mudo , in fact, we will dedicate few days to climb these accessible ice/ snow caped peaks, both are relatively easy and no great experience is requested. On the contrary, if you are planning to climb the classic Peaks over 6000mt this trek offers you the perfect training and acclimatization for such purposes.

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Day 1: Lima
Arrival in Lima – Transfer to Hotel

Day 2: Lima-Huaraz
Transfer to Bus Station and drive to Huaraz at 3100 mt. Hotel.

Day 3: Day free in Huaraz
Day of relax and set up last details of the expeditions. Hotel.

Day 4: Huaraz-Matacancha
Depart from Huaraz in private vehicle towards Chiquián (3,300 mt) and Matacancha ( 4,120 mt). Campsite and Dinner.

Day 5: Matacancha-Mitucocha lake
From Matacancha, we will walk up hill to first pass Cacananpunta, at 4.700 mt. Descent to Mitucocha lake, 4.150 mt. You can see one of the most emblematic mountains in Huayhuash, the Jirishanca and Rondoy. Campsite, dinner.

Day 6: Mituchocha Lake-Carhuacocha Lake
From Mitucocha lake, we will walk up to Carhuac Pass, 4.650 mt., descend to Carhuacocha lake, at 4.138 mt, this is an exceptional viewpoint to mountains such as Jirishanca, Yerupajá and Siula Grande (east faces). Campsite and Dinner.

Day 7: Carhuacocha Lake-Huayhuash Camp
Arrival to Carhuacocha, third pass (4,850m.), descent to the Huayhuash camp (4300 mt.) 6 – 8 hours aprox. We will cross near of the glaciers Yerupaja (6.634 mt.) and the Siula Grande, 6.344 mt. Campsite and Dinner.

Day 8: Huayhuash Camp-Viconga Lake
Ascent to the fourth pass, Portachuelo (4,750 mt.) and descent to Viconga lake (4.407 m.) A few meters exist natural thermal baths. Camp and Dinner.

Day 9: Viconga Lake-Summit Pumarinri-Cuyocpampa
Early morning wake up, ascent to Pumarinri (5475 mt.) which is relatively easy and very fun. Descent along Cuyoc Pass to Cuyocpampa (4400 mt.), Camp and Dinner.

Day 10: Cuyocpampa-Huaitiac
Descend from Cuyocpampa to Huayllapa Village, from here we will ascend until Huaitiac at 4.200 mt. Campsite and Dinner.

Day 11: Huaitiac-Base Camp Diablo Mudo
Ascend to the sixth pass, Tapush (4.800 mt.) and descent to Gashcapampa. (4600 m.) Diablo mudo base camp. Dinner.

Day 12: BC Diablo Mudo-Summit-Jahuacocha
Early wake up and climbing Diablo Mudo (5350mt.) along the west face, and descent for the south face towards Jahuacocha. Campsite and Dinner.

Day 13: Jahuacocha-Huaraz
From Jahuacocha we will walk to Llamac village 3,300 mt. In Llamac our bus will wait for us to return to Huaraz. Hotel.

Day 14: Huaraz-Lima
Breakfast and Bus to Lima. Hotel.

Day 15: Fly back home
Breakfast and Transfer to airport/ flight back home.

NOTE : Huayhuash trek can also be done in 10 days, climbing Pumarinri and or  Diablo Mudo are OPTIONAL, both are easy glacier climbs and complete the experience of this adventure

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