Galapagos Encantada Motor Sailor



DESCRIPTION : The Encantada is a charming candy-apple red schooner perfectly equipped to accommodate 12 guests. All six rooms are fully air-conditioned and have private bathrooms with hot and cold water. It is equipped with a sundeck, a TV/DVD/stereo system, and both inside and outside dining. An truly option to be consider in the Galapagos Islands 

Accommodation in spacious double cabins with upper and lower beds with private bathrooms and hot/cold water, and air conditioning. Bilingual guide on the tour. Motor sailors use the motor to navigate, this boat does not always travel with the sails up. Sails are only used barely.         Feel free to get in touch with Sierra Nevada Expeditions! Contact us at


Day 1:  Flight from Quito or Guayaquil to Baltra Island  and transfer Santa Cruz Island – Black Turtle Cove

Day 2:  Visit to Rábida Island  and Bartholomew Island

Day 3: Visit to Genovesa Island-  Prince Phillip’s Steps -Darwin Bay

Day 4: Visit to South Plaza Island – Santa Cruz Island – Charles Darwin Station

Day 5:  Visit to Floreana Island – Cormorant Point – Post Office Bay

Day 6: Visit to Española Island – Gardner Bay –  Suárez Poit

Day 7: Visit to San Cristobal Island – Leon Dormido – Puerto Baquerizo Moreno – Isla Lobos – Santa Fe Island

Day 8:  Visit to North Seymour Island – Transfer to Baltra airport

IMPORTANT:  Due to Galapagos National Park authorities and Navy regulations, the Itinerary may be subject to be changed, so, before booking your trip we will confirm you if there are any changes.