Hike Mojanda Lagoons - Fuya Fuya - Otavalo


TREKKING Mojanda Lakes and Otavalo

In the province of Imbabura a few hours away North from Quito it is located Mojanda Lagoons. Which is a complex of three lakes Caricocha (male lake) or big lake, Huarmicocha (female lake) or small lake, and Yanacocha or black lake. The three of them are connected by different paramo paths and defended by two mountains. The Fuya-Fuya (4263m) to the East and the Yanahurco or Black Mountain to the west. Both are easy to climb. Actually, they are considered as altitude hikes, therefore recommended for soft trekkers and acclimatization for higher altitudes. A visit to the famous Otavalo Market is included. Around the Mojanda Lakes, there are a lot of paramos (grasslands) vegetation and a native Andean forest which is of a volcanic origin. For further info or bookings contact us at info@sierranevada.ec.



The Fuya-Fuya is climbed by the inside of a Mojanda crater, It has two principal peaks Fuya Fuya 4263mt. and Cerro Negro 4260mt.  There are three main crater lakes and several trails that will lead you up to its summit, perfect natural lookout, and from there to see the surrounded volcanoes: Imbabura, Cotacachi, and Cayambe. It takes around 2 or 3 hours to get to Fuya Fuya summit which is a rather easy and very scenic hike. The representative vegetation is the Paramo (grassland) beside some native threes such as Polylepis and altitude flora, like the chuquiraguas (the flower of the Paramo ), frailejones, fungus, etc. Andean Birds like eagles and owls could also be observed. For further info or bookings contact us at info@sierranevada.ec.

Day 1 – Quito – Otavalo and Mojanda Lakes

Early morning and depart in direction North towards Cayambe and Otavalo cities, we will stop in Otavalo to experience the famous and colorful market. Thereafter, we will head up to Mojanda Lakes at 3700mt. where you will star a short and gentle hike around the main lake named Kari Kocha (male lake) part the trail is trackless and still conserve its native forest of Polylepis, Chuquiragua. Late afternoon you will be back in the cozy lodge for dinner and relax. (BL-D)

Day 2 – Fuya Fuya 4263m – Quito

After breakfast, we will drive back to the Mojanda lake and hike up on a scenic trail towards Fuya Fuya summit and enjoy the fantastic Paramo scenery of this area, In fact, neighboring summits such as Cotacachi, Imbabura and Cayambe volcanoes will be observed. After a lunch break on top of the peak, we will follow another trail in direction to Warmi Kocha (The female lake ) where our vehicle will be waiting for us to drive back to Otavalo and later in Quito. (B/BL).