Climbing Antizana


Climb the challenging Antizana at 5758m

Antizana is the fourth highest elevation in the Ecuadorian Andes and is located about 45km Southwest of Quito. The broad summit has four separated peaks, these four summits represent the highest points of the crater rim. The crater itself is totally filled with ice and it does not appear to be active, but volcanologists claim that the volcano is in fact active. Antizana Volcano is one of the most difficult peaks in Ecuador because of many crevasses and unstable weather. It is not recommended for inexperienced climbers. Want to organize your Antizana summit climb? Feel free to get in touch with Sierra Nevada Expeditions! Contact us at




Day 1 – Pintag village and campsite

Early departure from Quito towards the village of Pintag. Driving along a paved road you will see beautiful rock gardens between the chunks of lava. All sorts of flowers can be admired as well as the majestic Andean Condor. Later on, we will reach the big flat pastureland at the base of Antizana Volcano. Somewhere almost at the glacier rim we will set up the campsite and dine.

Day 2 – Antizana Summit

Midnight wakes up and after eating some hot meal, we will go towards the glacier rim. Since there is no standard route, we will have to find the best and secure route. After 7 hours of climbing and negotiating some crevasses we will reach the main summit. Here we will admire the immense Amazon basin in the East as well as some other neighboring peaks such as Cotopaxi, Sincholagua. Back to the campsite we will pack and drive back to Quito after a short rest.