Galapagos Samba Motor Sailor



DESCRIPTION: The Samba Motor Sailboat offers you a unique and romantic opportunity to explore the Enchanted Islands. With its carefully designed itineraries and activities, Samba makes the most of your time at the Galapagos Islands. With its 7 classic cabins, the Samba creates an intimate experience. 14 guests share the ample decks and comfortable designed social areas that allow you to enjoy every aspect of Darwins beloved Islands. Enjoy the ample decks, take a sunbath, or gaze at the amazing starry sky at night
Cabins at Samba Yacht have fully equipped private bathrooms with hot water and air-conditioned; a top-quality service ensures you a comfortable and relaxing stay while you cruise onboard one of the most romantic vessels in the Galapagos Islands.  Feel free to get in touch with Sierra Nevada Expeditions! Contact us at


Day 1:  flight from Quit City or Guayaquil o to Arrive to Baltra airport – Las Bachas – Santa Cruz Island

Day 2: Visit to Darwin Bay – Genovesa Island – Price Philip’s Steps (El Barranco) –

Day 3: Visit to Punta Mejía – Marchena Island – Black beach –

Day 4: Visit to Punta Albemarle – Isabela Island – Punta Vicente Roca –

Day 5: Visit to Punta Espinoza – Fernandina Island – Urbina Bay – Isabela Island

Day 6: Visit to Elizabeth Bay – Isabela Island – Punta Moreno –

Day 7: Visit to Tintoreras – Isabela Island – Sierra Negra volcano –

Day 8: Highlands – Santa Cruz Island – Baltra –  Transfer to airport

IMPORTANT:  Due to Galapagos National Park authorities and Navy regulations, the Itinerary may be subject to be changed, so, before booking your trip we will confirm you if there are any changes.