Otavalo Indian Market



This is perhaps the finest and best known indigenous market in Ecuador and South America. A wide variety of colorful weaving, tapestry, cotton clothing, silver jewelry, and pottery can be found here. Otavalo is an small city located about 90 km north of Quito, since the colonial times it took place and Indian market where people got together to interchange and trade with their products and daily live stock.



Along the time, this Market became one of the most interesting and colorful in South America, here you can enjoy shopping or admiring countless types of handcrafts, fruits, antiquities, etc. The main day is Saturday, but now you can visit every day.


This is a full-day excursion, not only for the market but also for the natural surrounds, so depending on your personal interest, it is possible to visit either the Peguche waterfall and weavers ateliers, or Cuicocha Crater lake. Or if you prefer The Condor Rescue Center and Mojanda Lakes and Fuya Fuya volcano are also options.

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