Zumbagua indian market and Quilotoa volcano


Hidden in the Central Ecuadorian highlands, Quilotoa area offers one of the most breathtaking sceneries in Ecuador. So it is perfect for people who seek a taste of Indigenous culture and spectacular landscapes. Only on Saturday, there is a mountain market at Zumbagua village, the indigenous vendors and buyers arrive riding on llamas and donkeys to trade their products, goods, and animals. About 10 km beyond the market is located Quilota volcano, which holds inside its leaps a spectacular lake. For further info or bookings feel free and contact us at info@sierranevada.ec

Due to the distance from Quito to Quilotoa, we highly recommend considering a two days trip, this area has a lot to offer and discover.

Day 1 – Tigua and Quilotoa volcano

Leaving Quito early morning, we pass by the city of Latacunga and Pujili, Afterwards, we will drive into the páramos (highlands) and visit the Art Gallery in Tigua village. Later on, we will arrive at Quilotoa crater and do a short hike along its crater edge and observe the sunset. Overnight in a cozy Indian Lodge.

Day 2 – By request

Depending on your fitness and desire, we can either hike around the complete crater (5 hours) or walk down to the lake to explore it. In the afternoon we will drive back to Quito via Chugchilan-Sigchos, enjoying the amazing views of Toachi River Canyon, Ilinizas, and Cotopaxi volcanoes, arriving in Quito in the evening.