Hiking Trails along the Paramo of Ecuador

Six Top hikes in Ecuador Volcanoes Hike from two to six days along the very best Trails in Ecuador and The Andes, overnights in cozy mountain lodges.
The Ecuadorian Highlands have twin system of flora and fauna in the Andean woodland and high grasslands ( Paramo ) that go from the woodlands to the ice line. As a result, plants and animals from different families performing the same function have adapted to similar conditions in different areas.
The Ecuadorian Andes are the center of the world. Their peaks and volcanoes rise to the clouds, which reflect them. Their glaciers are giddy torrents of snow and ice, which majestically descend like rivers of crystal waters to the lowlands, quenching the Earth’s thirst.
Our expert mountain guides will lead you along the most beautiful trails and paths in the Andes and Cordilleras, visiting small Indian towns, observing the local wildlife and enjoying the silent passageways of the highlands (Páramo). At the same time, you will be acclimatizing to the altitude, a prerequisite before ascending the highest volcanoes in Ecuador. please check following links: Mojanda, CondorPaxi, Cuicocha.
Depending on your available time, your level of experience and your personal goals, we will design your ideal  itinerary. So be confident and tell us about your travel plans, It will be a pleasure for us to help you in the next visit to Ecuador.
We have excellent hiking and climbing infrastructure to support your adventure projects, and the most importantly, a professional group of guides, all them with certification of UIAGM and ASEGUIM. Therefore we can guarantee your total satisfaction and safety