Climbing Carihuairazo



Carihuairazo Volcano (5020m)

Carihuairazo volcano’s rather jagged shape indicates a younger mountain than Chimborazo. Climbing Carihuiarazo is excellent for acclimatization and training before attempting the major peaks as Chimborazo or Cotopaxi. There are easygoing glaciers and an invitation to experts and novices. Basic experience is required, however, full climbing gear and reliable guiding have to be considered. This trek is one of the most scenic areas in the Ecuadorian highlands.   For training, acclimatization, or seeking new experiences this is one of the best options in the Ecuadorian Andes.

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About 150 km southwest of Quito lies Mount Chimborazo’s sister of Carihuairazo Volcano, an impressively ancient and extinct volcano, ranked 10th in height among the Ecuadorian Andes at 5020m. It is said that Carihuiarazo volcano was as high as his neighbor Chimborazo. Carihuiarazo volcano offers an Alpine style ascent.  specially in the rainy season when there is more snow and the weather is surprisingly similar to the England weather in winter.

Day 1 – Indian Community

Departure from Quito in South direction towards Machachi and Ambato city and afterwards towards the local community at the “Páramo” of Río Colorado area, where we will stay overnight and dine in Mishahuasca, an Indian Comunity. Great view of Chimborazo’s north face.

Day 2 – Carihuairazo Summit

After an early breakfast, we will drive to the settle in Abraspungo valley at 4200m, where we will approach the Glacier edge by foot and climb up to the summit (approx. 3 hours). We will return about noon to the Indian Community and drive back to Quito.