Trekking Chimborazo - Carihuairazo

Between two Giants


Both Chimborazo and Carihuiarazo are located 150 km southeast of Quito and are considered as some of the most ancient volcanoes in Ecuador. This trekking route traverses the Rio Mocha valley, and the pass between two giants, a variety of plants, birds, and small animals are found, but the highlights of the mammal’s population are Vicuñas, Llamas, and Alpacas. For further info or bookings contact us at


In the East stands Carihuiarazo and in the west Chimborazo, showing us their best flanks. The valley of Abraspungo, right in the middle of the two giants, is the place where once Edward Whimper, and Carrels brothers (1880) defined the first ascent to the top. Large extensions of Páramo (grasslands), Vicunas, ice summits, different sorts of crops, and flora decorate its astonishing landscape. This is such a pretty area that it is worth camping and exploring its Andean lakes, streams, and bogs.

Day 1 –  Quito – Ambato – Urbina

Depart from Quito in a south direction towards  Latacunga and Ambato city and the small village called Urbina, where the train station is located, in our way is possible to visit an Indian Market either in Saquisili or Latacunga , Once in Urbina we will do a Short hike in the area admiring Chimborazo and Carihuairazo dressed in green by the grasslands or Paramo, Overnight and dinner.

Day 2 – Paramo – Portal Andino

After breakfast we will start walking along an uphill trail towards Abraspungo Valley observing some active volcanoes like Sangay, and Tungurahua, and also the Altar and the huge North Face of Chimborazo. Late afternoon we will arrive to a nice and cozy mountain lodge where we will stay overnight and dine.

Day 3 – Abraspungo pass and Mechahuasca

Today we will hike towards Abraspungo valley and be between those two giants Chimborazo and  Carihuiarazo, a lot of Lamas and Vicunas will accompany our hike till we reach the pass at 4200mt. Gradually we will descend into an Indian settlement called Mechahuasca where we will overnight and dine.

Day 4 –  Trek to Whymper Hut

Today is the largest trekking day (7Hrs) we will walk along of one of the driest trails of our trekking tour, Although the presence of Páramo and high altitude flowers, plants will lead us towards Carrel Hut at 4800mt. The monumental walls and glaciers of Chimborazo located in the East will give us motivation until we reach the Hut where we will stay overnight and dine.

Day 5 – Whymper Needles Hike – Quito

After breakfast, we will climb up to the Whymper Needles at 5350 mt. about, a perfect lookout point that dominate the views of Riobamba Valleys and the old climbing Whymper Route towards Chimborazo summit, In the afternoon, we will be back to the Hut where our vehicle is waiting to take us back to Quito.