Papallacta - Baeza

This is an excellent opportunity within one day ecosystems to learn about Ecuador: the first part of the journey begins at the top of the Páramo landscape – the Ecuadorian equivalent of the arctic tundra – and ends later on, in the rain forest at the edge of the Amazon basin.  Ask for it !!

Once we have achieved our first goal, the pass Paso de la Virgen, our departure to the east begins to Cuyuja. Then we throw our bikes on the roof of the jeep and drive back up to the Papallacta hot springs, to go and relax in peace. In clear weather we will see the Antisana volcano.

After lunch we cross the pass Paso de la Virgen “at 4200m and we will swing by there on our bikes and over two thousand meters into the valley Tumbaco cover. We take one of the longest downhill slopes (45km) in the world. The last 18 km we bike along the Chiche Canyon on a former railway line through 5 tunnels, whose length is 322 m long.