Mindo Cloud Forest


Mindo village is located about 90 km northwest of Quito. The cloud forest and subtropical rain forest of Mindo are micro climates of great biological importance. Mindo cloud forest is one of the most accessible of these forests; situated approximately two hours west of Quito. The reserve consists of primary forest with immense biodiversity, and boasts one of the greatest concentrations of bird species anywhere in the world.

The area home over 375 types of orchids and a wide variety of bromelias and butterflies. The small town of Mindo is situated in a tranquil valley on the edge of the cloud forest. Nearby are the Butterfly Farm surrounded by orchids and several waterfalls.


Early depart from Quito in direction north west towards Equator Line and Calacali village where we can stop for a short visit to the small equator monument. Afterwards you will gradually descend into the cloud forest, noticing the dramatic changes of vegetation, temperature and landscapes.

Once in Mindo we will traverse a cable car to observe the cloud forest from above and immediately match into a trail to explore the hidden waterfalls while observing more than 350 species of birds were the most noticeable are the partridge, Andean cock of the rock, hummingbirds, woodpeckers. Other fauna attractions are the butterflies, bats, squirrels, deer, coated bears and small amphibians. Late afternoon we will be back in Quito.  Up on request this tour may be done in two days. Ask for it!