Cuicocha lake and Otavalo Market

Located about 65 km north of Quito, Otavalo area is probably the most visited area after Galápagos and Quito. On our way to Otavalo we will visit the Equator Solar Museum. The Province of Imbabura and its lakes are recognized as one of the most scenic páramos in the northern highlands. Its easy trails, lakes and peaks are a kind of invitation for those who seek for a soft walk and personal encounter with the local culture and traditions. There are two small islands into the lake as the result of volcanic activity.

Day 1 – Otavalo Market

Departure from Quito via Cayambe city, where we will do a short brake to visit the Equator Solar Museum before we arrive to Otavalo Market (Sat.). In the afternoon we will drive up hill to Mojanda lakes for a short hike. Overnight in a Cozy Lodge.

Day 2 – Cuicocha lake

After breakfast we will take you to Cuicocha lake, easy walk around the crater (5 hours). Late afternoon you will be back in Quito.