Hike Cotopaxi - Quilotoa - Baños


Hidden in the Central Ecuadorian highlands, Cotopaxi National Park , Quilotoa Lake and Banos areas offer one of the most breathtaking highland scenery in Ecuador, snow capped volcanoes, extensive Páramos areas , indigenous markets, and  massive pasture patrolled by Andean Condors overhead. Cotopaxi  volcano is the most impressive and the highlight of the trip, The crater of Quilotoa lake invite us to hike and share the local culture, Banos, located in the low lands propose a dramatic geography and different  panorama, plenty of waterfalls and extreme sports offers while  watching the active Tungurahua vocano.


On Saturday there is a market in Zumbagua village, and Sunday – Wednesday in Pujili village, Here, the indigenous vendors and buyers arrive riding on llamas and donkeys to trade their products, daily goods and animals. These markets are located on our way to Quilotoa volcano, which holds inside its leaps a spectacular lake. And a final visit to Baños cloud Forest, is the perfect combination to complete the experience  of highlands and lowlands in one touch.

Day 1.  Quito – Cotopaxi National Park

Depart from Quito in direction to Machachi  and the north entrance of Cotopaxi National Park.  Exploration of the park and Hike along the  the Paramo of  Ruminauii volcano. Optional accent to Cotopaxi Hut and glacier, Transfer to our cozy lodge out of Cotopaxi National Park.

Day 2.  Zumbagua and Quilotoa Lake – Baños

Transfer to Pujili and Zumbagua village, possibility to visit one of these Indian Markets, One in Quilotoa we will Hike into the crater or along the crater edge.  Late afternoon we will  transfer to Baños village. Hotel overnight.

Day 3. Baños Waterfalls – Quito

After breakfast, we will drive along the Waterfalls Avenue,  either with the vehicle or with a bike, (optional) anyway we will hike in Cloud forest and traverse the Pastaza River Canyon hanging on a cable cab. In the Afternoon we will  Drive back to Quito.