The best hike in the Andes! Our latest tour takes you away from the tourist track, in a magnificent landscape with the most distinctive and famous mountain top view. We follow the route of William Reiss, who in 1872 went up first to the present base camp of Cotopaxi. With a little luck we could see some local wild life such as condors, deer, wolves and other small animals. This is a relatively easy going and very scenic trek, it helps as training and acclimatization for prominent and major peaks. We use Local Haciendas and cozy lodges cozy creating the perfect atmosphere for this great experience.

Day 1/ Pasochoa Volcano

We depart from Quito in the direction to Volcano Pasochoa,. As we walk up hill towards it summit (4,200m) we will enjoy the gorgeous views of the neighbours peaks such as Antizana, Rumiñahui and Cotopaxi. We will head Southern on an easy going trail until we get into a deep Forest of Native Trees. Arrival tour Cosy lodge .Diner (BL/D).

Day 2/ Ruminahui Volcano Flanks

Today, we will pass by an small Indian community at the base of Rumiñahui volcano,  a hidden trail will lead us towards a huge grass lands ( Paramo) hills, till we arrive in our next  comfortable Lodge at the base of Cotopaxi Volcano . Diner and Overnight. (B/BL/D)

Day 3/ Cotopaxi Nat. Park/

After breakfast, we will walk in Southern direction towards Limpiopungo Lake at 3800mt. Here we will take a hidden but scenic trail, in  direction to Boliche Area.  Late afternoon, we will arrive to our next lodge , located in an small plain with excellent views . Diner. (B/L/D).

Day 4. Iliniza Volcano

Today we will head West direction traversing from Central to Western range of mountains, we will pass by some crops, watching the daily life style of some locals communities, till we reach an small village called CHAUPI where our lodge is located. Diner (B/BL/D).

Day 5/ Iliniza North 5125mt.  / Quito

After an early breakfast we will drive the vehicle up to the parking place at 4000mt. Here we will start walking up hill, till we reach the hut at 4700mt. after a nice break, we will carry on towards the summit at 5125mt. . Back to parking lot and drive back to Quito.
PS: the itinerary may be subject of changes, depending on  group walking/ climbing skills or weather conditions.