Chimborazo - Carihuairazo

Both Chimborazo and Carihuairazo are located 150 km southeast of Quito and are considered as some of the most ancient volcanoes in Ecuador. This trekking route traverse the Rio Mocha valley, and the pass between two giants, a variety of plants, birds and small animals are found, but the highlights of the mammal’s population are Vicuñas, Llamas, and Alpacas.

In the East stands Carihuiarazo and in the west Chimborazo, showing us their best flanks. The valley of Abraspungo, right in the middle of the two giants, is the place where once Edward Whymper and Carrels brothers (1880) defined the first ascent to the top. This is such a pretty area that it is worth camping early and exploring its Andean lakes, streams, and bogs.

Tour Summary

Day 1 – Urbina

Depart from Quito south direction towards small village Urbina, where we will do a Short hike in the area and diner. Overnight is the Train Station Lodge.

Day 2 – Rio Mocha Valley

Breakfast and star walking along the trail towards Abraspungo Valley and Mishahuaica Indian cumunity. Overnight in the Local indian Hut.

Day 3 – Abraspungo pass

Today we will hike towards Carihuiarazo and enjoy the glacier remains of this volcano, excellent views of Chimborazo, Altar, Sangay will be our reward. Back in the Hut.

Day 4 – Páramo

Today is the largest trek , you will walk along a sandy páramo towards Carrel Hut at 4800 mt where we will stay overnight.

Day 5 – Whimper Needles/ Quito

After breakfast, we will climb up to the Whimper Needles at 5500 mt. about, thereafter we will be bak in the Hut where our vehicle is waiting to take us back to Quito.