Climbing Cayambe

The High Cold Place (5790 mt)

Enjoy a Safe Cayambe Climbing Tour in Ecuador.

Ecuador is a must-watch destination for any traveler, most notably for its high and mighty volcanoes such as Cotopaxi, Chimborazo , Antizana and the rest of the Avenue of the volcanoes in Ecuador, Cayambe summit sticks out from the rest. This fascinating peak is a fulfilling climb not only for its altitude 5790mtt  but also for its artistic glaciers shapes, the volume of its remarkable ascents converts Cayambe into great place in Ecuador climbing Tours.

 Cayambe Summit with Sierra Nevada Expeditions!

Cayambe Climbing in Ecuador is a compound volcano exploration journey from the Holocene epoch, located in the Cordillera Central in Northern Ecuador. Not only is it the third tallest peak in the country, but it is also the third highest summit that lies above the equator around the world. It is just 65kms outside of Quito, making it a reasonable objective for mountaineers and climbers seeking out the rewarding challenges of the Andes.

Most of the volcano is within the Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve, which means it has more than enough fascinating flora and fauna enriching Cayambe Climbing. Make your trip a memorable journey with family and friends by contacting the best Cayambe Summit trip planner – Sierra Nevada Expeditions . Book your trip now, welcome all climbers, mountaineers, and hikers across the world into Cayambe Climbing Tour in Ecuador!

The name Cayambe is derived from either the native Caranqui word kayan, meaning “ice,” or from the Quichua word cahan, meaning “high cold place”. Cayambe  is a massive extinct volcano, located about 65 km north east of Quito. It is the third highest elevation in Ecuador and also granted the distinction of being the highest mountain in the world crossed by the equator line, in fact it passes direct through its southern glaciers.

Cayambe climb technically is not so difficult, and in spite of its numerous  crevasses which are not difficult to ford them its provide self confidence as training for further higher volcanoes climbs . Reaching Cayambe’s top became rather a spectacular and fun experience. We highly recommend this tour to non-confident climbers for training and ice climbing  skills developing.


Due to Cotopaxi reputation  as the highest active volcano , this mountain is a second  climbing option and less visited, The hut at 4600mt. provides good  facilities and comfort. Cayambe can be climbed all year round, although from June to December are normally the driest months to summit this volcano

Cayambe was one of Ecuador’s less explored major peaks, but, due to Cotopaxi reputation, this mountain became the second top option among the snow capped Ecuadorian volcanoes .The hut at 4600mt. provides several facilities and relatively good comfort. Cayambe can be climbed all year round, although from June to December it is said to be the driest months.

Day 1 – Equator Line and  Cayambe Hut

Depart from Quito north east direction towards Cayambe village. On our way we have the possibility to stop at the small monument of the Equator line. Thereafter, we will drive uphill along a muddy road  until we reach the refuge (4600 mt). There, we can enjoy gorgeous views of the nearby glaciers and  scout the normal route.

Day 2 –  Cayambe Summit

Midnight wake up. After a light breakfast we will climb up to the edge of the glacier. Following the standard route and after fording some easy glacier crevasses we will reach the summit in about 6 hours.  Returning  to the mountain hut will take us about 3 hours.  After having breakfast, relaxing and packing we will drive back to Quito.