Blanco river

Blanco River begins in the slopes of our western Ecuadorian Andes, flowing in the direction of the Pacific Ocean. The rivers are natural habitats to several bird species such as hummingbirds, cormorants, parrots, and toucans. Somewhere downstream, both Toachi and Blanco join forces, allowing us to navigate excellent and constant grade III and IV rapids followed by big white water tropical waves in only one day. But if your preference is to scout each river character separately, we advise you go for a two or more days tour.

After crossing the Equator for the first time we will descend into the cloud forest of the Mindo Valley until we reach the village of Los Bancos and afterwards the put in point at he shore of Blanco River. A safety briefing is held by our Certified (AGAR) guides before boarding the rafts.

Navigating in Blanco River we will cross the equator once again on a raft and after about three hours of riding exciting waves we will reach our beaching point where our vehicle will be waiting to take us back to Quito or Los Bancos village if you booked for 2 days tour. Cold beer and lunch will be served before we head back to Quito.

Day 1 – S. Miguel de los Bancos

Transfer to Los Bancos Village, navigation class III-IV for about 22 km. Back to Quito or Los Bancos village.

Day 2 – Rio Blanco

Navigation middle or lower section of Blanco River for about 25 km. Lunch and back to Quito.

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