Motor Yacht New Fragata

The M / Y Fragata is a spacious and comfortable, owner-driven motor yacht which can accommodate 16 passengers in cozy double and single cabins with bunk beds. All cabins are furnished and decorated, they will relax and enjoy the whole cruise. The Fragata would be delighted on board to be called “Welcome” and invites you to discover the prehistoric flora and fauna of the Galapagos archipelago. 20 years of experience and a top qualified crew (captain, bilingual naturalist guide, cook, assistant cook, barman, engineer and two sailors) guarantee safety and comfort, yet are always keen to preserve the delicate ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands. The New Fragata offers a pleasant atmosphere and there will always value down the smallest detail. Shall belong to the facilities on board a large dining room, bar, lounge, small library and sun deck.


Flug nach Baltra / Island Santa Cruz – Charles Darwin Station


Island Santa Cruz – Hochland / Island Santa Fe


Island Española – Punta Suarez – Gardner Bucht


Island Floreana – Punta Cormorant – Teufelskrone – Post Office Bucht


Santa Cruz – Black Turtle Cove / Island Nord Seymour


Island Genovesa – Darwin Bucht – Prince Philips Steps


Island Rabida / Island Bartolome


Island Plazas Süd / Baltra – Rückflug zum Festland