Motor Yacht Angelito

The Angelito I, the angel, was built in 1992 in the Galapagos and has proven in recent years, great stability and security in the water. It is a floating mini-hotel with an elegant dining deck with bar and hand-crafted wood inventory. Each cabin is equipped with bunk beds, private bathroom and air conditioning. The ship offers an impeccable service and one of the owners usually steers the boat itself Angelito addition, the loan provides snorkeling equipment and meets all safety standards.

Since the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, the Cotopaxi has erupted several times. The biggest tragedy happened in 1877, when the glaciers that came off of the volcano, erased off the map the city of Latacunga.


Flug nach Baltra / Island Nord Seymour


Island Chinese Hat / Island Bartolome


Island Genovesa – Prince Philip’s Steps – Darwin Bucht


Island Santiago – Puerto Egas / Island Rabida


Island Santa Cruz – Charles Darwin Station – Hochland


Island Española – Punta Suarez – Gardner Bucht


Island Santa Fe / Island Plazas Süd


Island Santa Cruz – Black Turtle Cove – Strand Bachas