Climbing Chimborazo

The ancient extinct volcano (6310 mt)

Chimborazo is located 150 km southwest of Quito. The ancient and extinct volcano’s rounded bulk testifies to its great age. It is an extremely massive mountain which volcanologists claim is composed by the remains of two volcanoes. Chimborazo is the highest mountain in the country and for many years it was thought to be the highest in the Andes. It still retains the distinction of being the point on the earth’s surface which is farthest from its center. On average, 8 hours are necessary to reach its summit.

Chimborazo, like most of the mountains in the world is being affected by global warming, therefore its glaciers are melting and thus change the climbing conditions.


The normal route became a real challenge and requires a lot of expertise and skills on ice techniques, its steepness is more continuous but offers a direct uphill line to the top. In addition, rock falls are often reported, giving Chimborazo the reputation of currently being an adventurous and risky climb.
Day 1 – Whymper hut

Depart from Quito in South direction towards Ambato city, possibility to see an Indian market on our way. Late afternoon we will arrive to Whymper hut at 5000 mt. Early dinner and relax.
Day 2 – Summit

Wake up before midnight and ascent to its summit 6310mt. by the normal route or via “El Castillo” (about 8 hours), the descend will take us 4 hours to the hut and parking lot- transfer to Quito.